User Manual

Connecting to Wi-Fi

  • To connect to Wi-Fi, open the Settings app on the iPad and go into the Wi-Fi tab. Select the network you wish to join from the list of available networks.

  • Once connected, you are ready to access the App Store to download the Field InTouch app.

  • In order to benefit from the Geolocation feature within Field InTouch, ensure Location Services are turned 'On' in Settings.

Checking Location Services are On

Go to the Settings app on your iPad

Select the ‘Privacy’ tab

If Location Services are set to ‘Off’, go into this section

Tap the switch to turn Location Services on

Downloading Field InTouch from the App Store

Go to the App Store on your iPad

Search for "Field InTouch"

Tap on the 'GET' button followed by the ‘INSTALL’ button

Tap ‘OPEN’ when installation is complete

Logging into Field InTouch

1.Tap 'Allow' to give Field InTouch permission to use Location Services on your device (this prompt will only appear upon first launching the app)

2.Once inside Field InTouch, login with your provided username and password

3.When asked if you would like to sync data, tap ‘Yes’

4.Once syncing is complete, your program will be ready to access within the Presentations section


The Settings section allows you to synchronise your app to ensure you have the latest version and your latest call data has been sent to the server. From here you can also switch states and logout.

User Details

Logged in user details will appear here.

State Select

Shows current state selected. User taps to switch to states that aren’t allocated to them.

Sync Content

Ensure the latest version of the app is running by synchronising regularly, or at the completion of a call. This will ensure all data collected throughout the call is recorded on the server. Users will need to be connected to Wi-Fi to successfully sync data.

Date Last Synced

This is the last date synchronisation took place.

Version Number

Understanding the version number is a helpful reference when contacting IT support if the user encounters a problem.

Logout Button

Logout when a different user needs to access the app.

Home Button

Return to Field InTouch main menu.

Sync Progress

If connected to Wi-Fi, the user will see their update progress. Once each update is complete, a tick will appear. Note: If a cross appears for any section, try tapping update again, until all sections show a tick.

Resetting the app

Re-start the App without losing any data gathered.


Re-sync all presentation content from the beginning.

Call Setup


The Presentations section holds the programs that are available for sales calls.

Demo Mode

Representative taps ‘Demo Mode’ to practise calls and familiarise themselves with the content.

Start a new call

Reps select ‘Start a New Call’ to setup a call with a retailer within an outlet.

State Select

This shows the default state, and is a dropdown menu to allow the user to switch to another allocated state. In the situation that a rep needs to switch to a state that wasn’t allocated to them in the store listing, they can do so in the Settings.

Store List

If Location Services are turned on, by default the list shows closest stores/accounts currently around the rep which they are also associated with. If Location Services are turned off, the list will display stores in alphabetical order. See below for when Geolocation isn’t available.

Rep selects the store/account they wish to call on from the scrollable list.

Store Search

If the rep is unable to find their store/account from the list populated by their current location, they can begin entering the name, zip or account number in the top left of the pop-up. As soon as the user has entered the 3rd character in the search area, the list below will filter results. The rep then selects a store/account from the list, confirmed by a tick, and taps 'Continue' to proceed.

Customer Name

Rep enters the first and last name of the customer, and taps ‘Continue’ to complete call set-up.


Tap 'Continue' to proceed.

Commence Call

Brand Label

The Brands associated with your login appear at the top of screen.

Presentation Modules Available

Presentations available for the brand will appear as icons in the middle panel. To select a presentation, slide the icon into the middle of screen.

Presentation Description

The selected presentation summary will appear in the main content area. This outlines the main education topics for the presentation. User can scroll down to view entire description.

Presentation Play Icon

Tap the play button or the 'Start Presentation' button to launch the presentation and commence your call.

End Call

End Call

After tapping the 'End Call' button, you’ll be prompted to confirm this action. Tap ‘End Call’ to continue.